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Community Colleges

Community College is a great options for any member in the community who wants to start a college career. In California, there are exactly 114 colleges statewide. Each college offers a wide range of educational opportunities which include: 

  • CTE Programs
  • Associate Degrees and Certificates
  • Transfer preparation to 4 year colleges and earn a BA/BS. 


Reasons to attend a Community College are: 


  • Try out College. You can go to college even if your high school grades are not the best. 
  • Get ready for a career. If you want to enter the workforce, you can earn a certificate or degree in a career-orientated field, such as firefighting, dental, nursing or EMT. 
  • Prepare for transfer to a 4 year college. Students who want to obtain a Bachelor's Degree attend a community college to complete major prerequisites. 
  • Take advantage of a flexible schedule. College is convenient and many students can go part/full time and take classes in the day, night, or online. You can work and go to school at the same time. 
  • Save Money. Community College is generally much lower than 4 year colleges and still qualify for scholarships and/or loans. 

Transfer to a 4 year College

Students who want to transfer to a 4 year college must complete the following steps. 

  • Select a major of study.
  • Meet with a Community College Counselor. 
  • Choose a CSU/UC/Private College
  • Compete major prerequisites and IGETC courses. 


IGETC Requirements (Major does apply added courses)

Subject Area Required Courses
English 2 Courses
Math 1 Course 
Arts and Humanities 3 Courses
Social and Behavioral Sciences 3 Courses
Physical and Biological Sciences  2 courses
Language other than English (does not apply to CSU transfer) Proficiency 


To determine what classes you do have to take at the community college to transfer with your major meet with a community college counselor and become familiar with ASSIST.ORG 

Transfer Programs

There are many transfer programs at each campus. Go to the community college Career/Transfer Center to obtain all program's information. These are the most common. 




Puente Program