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Individual and Family Therapy

Alameda Family Services 

(510) 629-6300


La Clinica Alta Vista 

(510) 535-6300


Asian Community Mental Health 

(510) 451-6729


West Coast Children's Clinic 

(510) 269-9030


Family Paths

(510) 893-9230





Counseling: Social & Emotional

All students go through many personal and academic obstacles. Here at Island High we want to help you get through those stressful moments. At any time, you can go to any adult at Island High and ask for support and access to many academic and counseling resources on and off campus. 



Resources at Island High School

Get in contact with counselor, Ms. Lupe Santoyo if you would like to sign up for any of the following resources: 


  • AFS - Individual Counseling
  • Drug Chat
  • TUPE 
  • Girls Inc. - Young Women's Group